He’s knowledgeable, engaging, provocative… and very funny.

He doesn’t make ‘speeches’. He delivers presentations –– big, visual, thought-provoking, entertaining ones that both enthrall and delight his audiences.

Brian Thwaits is a ‘brain trainer’, a learning and communication whiz with a wealth of experience in both the private and public sectors. He first demonstrated his flair for performance as an award-winning teacher and is now an acclaimed professional speaker who engages both the hearts and minds of his listeners –– so they leave his sessions with faces smiling and brains percolating.

A former educator with over 25 years of teaching and training experience in both the public and private sectors, Brian began his career by winning a national student award at Lakehead University and concluded it by receiving the President’s Award for Excellence from Mohawk College for his work both at the institution and in the community.

His sessions cleverly combine the latest information from the disciplines of brain research, learning theory and the communication field to suggest innovative and practical approaches to issues we face daily in the workplace, in the classroom, and in our personal lives.

Brian is the author of The Big Learn: Smart Ways to Use Your Brain. He is one of Canada’s most accomplished and respected speakers, his extensive and diverse client list continually expanding as his reputation grows. To date, audiences at over 1000 events have experienced his unique and provocative take on how we use our heads.

Brian’s signature keynote address, Train Your Brain, is creating plenty of buzz.

Audiences rave!