I can honestly say that the response to your workshops was one of the best I have ever seen at our conference. The comments were incredibly positive. Our members found you a fantastic presenter. Many participants commented that it was the most interesting session they have ever attended.
Certified Management Accountants of Ontario
The consensus is that you were the best received speaker in anyone's memory. People have been amazingly positive in their feedback. You were a hit – a breath of fresh air!
Vanier College
There was a clear consensus among the participants that you were among the best speakers we have had in years. Your presentation set a great tone for an enjoyable day.
Foreign Affairs & International Trade Canada
You are a fantastic, entertaining and thought-provoking speaker. The participant surveys following our event reflected an overwhelming enthusiasm for you and your presentation. The comments I personally have received since that day have all been positive, and the 'talk around the water cooler' is all about growing those dendrites!
Canadian Mental Health Association
Our group was thoroughly captivated the whole time. Several attendees said that yours was the best session we'd had at our annual meeting in recent memory.
Janssen-Ortho Inc.
You enthralled the audience with your 'Train Your Brain' presentation. You were a perfect keynote speaker to kick off the day.
General Motors of Canada
It was clear that you had made a strong impact across the Canada Revenue Agency, as you were highly recommended by several people from within our organization. And you did not disappoint us! Feedback was extremely positive, and your presentation was clearly enjoyed by all.
Canada Revenue Agency
Your presentation was entertaining and informative. A perfect kick-off for the day.
Best keynote we've ever had!
Hudson Valley Community College
Your presentation had a very relevant message for the entire audience. Your humour and passion for the topic was not only entertaining but memorable, and it received glowing reviews! Thank you again for an interesting, educational and stimulating keynote speech!
Industry Canada
Honestly, I can't say that I've ever seen anyone receive the kind of glowing feedback that was provided by the participants with respect to your presentation. On a scale of 1-5, you generally received a 5+.
Human Resources Development Canada
Over the past 25 years, we've employed many speakers at our conference, but we can truthfully claim that you have certainly been one of our best. We never thought the brain could be so interesting!
Humpty's Restaurants
Our organization is a tough group (and not easily impressed!) but the feedback from our members and their guests was over the top! Brian's message is compelling, and his delivery is spectacular. Your presentation was riveting entertainment – educational and meaningful.
Business Executives Organization Inc.
A very interactive and inspiring session. I can confidently and without reservation state that your presentation was the best received and enjoyed session at the conference.
Ontario Ministry of Community Safety & Correctional Services
You were repeatedly mentioned as the 'best thing' about the PD Day, with a typical response being 'Brian Thwaits was entertaining and informative. Highlight of the day’.'
Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science & Technology
Thank you for your engaging, informative and amusing presentation. Notwithstanding it had already been a long day of intense training for our guests, you managed to grab their attention and keep them laughing, all the while feeding them practical information on how to get more out of their native abilities. They had a ball, and they learned something in the bargain.
Mental Health Centre at Penetanguishene
You have a knack for capturing your audience's attention. The information, facts and tips you shared are still being echoed in our hallways today.
Meridian Credit Union
Thank you for your fabulous opening keynote address – a motivational, inspirational and entertaining presentation! You were an absolute perfect choice.
University of Alberta
Brian Thwaits has a gift for public speaking which captivates his audience from beginning to end. I received numerous comments from participants reporting that they could have listened to him for many more hours. I highly recommend Brian’s 'Train Your Brain’ presentation and know others will find it as motivating and refreshing as we did in our organization.
Children's Hospital at Hamilton Health Sciences
I've seen many motivational/ educational presentations over the years, and yours counts as the most memorable among them.
Fairview College
Not only did your presentation set the mood for our event, but it also generated many passionate conversations later. You were a hit!
Food Industry Credit Bureau
The feedback we received from your presentation was overwhelmingly positive. The group was very impressed with your energy, as well as the relevance of the topic. You did an excellent job of communicating with an international audience. The subject, Global Brainpower, truly crosses cultural barriers.
International Iron & Steel Institute
You have a definite gift for public speaking and captivate your audience from beginning to end. Our membership has not stopped talking about your presentation.
Credit Institute of Canada
Right from the beginning, you had our group captivated and laughing. You taught us all something that we will take with us for the rest of our lives.
City of Waterloo
All the participants unanimously agreed that your keynote speech was extremely interesting as well as informative. In addition, the messages were delivered in such an easy-to-understand and humorous way that we were not aware that time was flying by. You were definitely successful in securing our attention for those three hours!
Ontario Ministry of Community & Social Services
Thank you again for your professional, passionate and powerful keynote address. You were the highlight of our conference!
Toronto District School Board
The reaction was unanimous from all our staff that this was one of the best presentations they have ever experienced.
Region of Halton
Wow! I can't think of any better way to put it. Your keynote address was admirable, humorous and – best of all – enlightening. All in attendance spoke of the presentation for months after!
Mt. Diablo Unified School District
Thank you for your absolutely outstanding presentation. You set a great tone for the entire convention. I will be enthusiastically recommending you to other municipal associations in Canada.
Association of Manitoba Municipalities
Wow! I can't think of any better way to put it. Your keynote address was admirable, humorous and ' best of all ' enlightening. All in attendance spoke of the presentation for months after!
Washington Mutual Bank
He has a unique style of delivering his message. After each presentation, I received requests from the participants to bring him back for more. In summary, Brian Thwaits presents a common-sense, practical package that is useful, informative and highly entertaining.
MDS Laboratories
Your keynote address was excellent and very well received. Some of the comments: 'Absolutely the best speaker I have ever heard!', 'Stellar presentation!', 'Brilliant!', 'Very engaging speaker', 'Awesome!', 'Wow!'
Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists
Your keynote presentation was entertaining, relevant and motivational. We overhear our staff still talking about your message. The presentation was considered the highlight of the conference!
Great Lakes Power
You are a very dynamic, entertaining and inspiring speaker, and your unique style captivated our attention. We have received rave reviews from the participants, and I'm sure they will apply many of your innovative tips in the course of their day-to-day lives.
House of Commons - Finance Services
Many participants made a point of telling us that they found your 'Train Your Brain' session useful, energetic and entertaining. Several said it was the best workshop they had ever been to!
Queen's University
In my many years of working in the industry, I have never seen such an overwhelmingly positive response to a particular speaker as in the case of Brian Thwaits.
Ontario Nursing Home Association
You did an excellent job, and your presentation style really held everyone's attention. 89 of 95 participants gave your presentation the highest possible rating, and the remainder gave the second-highest rating. That is quite remarkable feedback from this group!
Service Canada
You are truly in a class of your own. By the buzz afterwards, I know people came away not only entertained but also, more importantly, they came away informed.
St. Charles Adult Education Centres
Brian is entertaining, fun and engages the audience from start to finish. His enthusiasm is contagious, and his audience leaves the room refreshed and 'buzzing'.
Industrial Accident Prevention Association
Your keynote and workshop were highly engaging and the perfect complement to our theme. The feedback from participants was extremely positive, as you made us laugh and helped us learn more about ourselves in a funny, informative and engaging way.
St. Elizabeth Health Care
Excellent – they want us to bring you back again & again & again. Very impressive speaker!
Nova Scotia Community College
An outstanding and entertaining presentation. The best speaker we've had in years!
Leeds, Grenville & Lanark District Health Unit
What a strong and appreciative response you had from Calgary teachers. Our only regret was not to have located your session in a room larger than the 600-seat capacity of the Crystal Ballroom, which was filled to overflowing.
Calgary City Teachers' Convention
You definitely lived up to your reputation as an entertaining and informative speaker. Feedback from participants was impressive. We would highly recommend you as a speaker.
Ontario Power Generation
Your entertaining and thought-provoking presentation on how to 'train our brains' was very well received. Many of our staff noted your presentation as a conference highlight.
Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
We found your presentation terrific. It was a perfect mix of information and humour and a great way to end our conference. As for the delegates, we received EXCELLENT feedback!!
Municipal Finance Officers' Association of Ontario
One of our physicians told us what a great speaker you were. She was right. But you far exceeded our expectations.
Ontario Medical Group Managers' Association
You are an outstanding speaker. It is highly unusual to have a speaker who is able to keep an audience mesmerized!
Saskatchewan Institute of Internal Auditors
You informed, educated and entertained the audience and lived up to our every expectation for your presentation. Your skills as a presenter are superb.
York Region Small Business Enterprise Centre
Your message was powerful and captivated the audience. You dazzled the crowd!
London District Catholic School Board
Your fabulous opening keynote address set a very positive tone for the whole day. We have never had a presentation that has been so well received by everyone!
Seneca College
Thank you for the incredible presentation. You were informative, professional and engaging. And funny, extremely funny. While you came highly recommended, you exceeded all expectations. A truly magnificent performance!
Sun Life Financial
You delighted, amazed and informed. Your ability to transform scientific facts into cocktail party conversation starters is truly unbelievable.
Professional Administrators of Volunteer Resources – Ontario
The session was a great hit. Almost all the assessments evaluated at a 5 on a 5-point scale!! You had people laughing, learning and enjoying.
Greater Edmonton Teachers' Convention Association
The positive feedback I have received from the team has been overwhelming and, even after one month, I still overhear references to your session. Thanks again for an exceptional presentation.
Open Text Corporation
You are an eloquent speaker. We found your style to be easy-going, yet thought-provoking and enthralling.
Ontario Treasury Board
I have heard nothing but positive feedback. 100% found the presentation VERY interesting. Your skills as a presenter are fabulous.
Toronto Rehabilitation Institute
It was practical yet funny. The feedback was you were the best speaker we've ever had at our annual sales meetings.
Novelis Inc.
Without exception, staff felt it was the best professional development session they have ever attended.
Trillium Lakelands District School Board
Our staff raved about your presentation. They found it entertaining, energetic and informative.
Ontario Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care
Brian knocked it out of the park. He definitely kept everyone engaged and entertained. If there was one message we heard over and over again, it was simply that Brian’s presentation was fantastic.
Ontario Stone, Sand & Gravel Association