Worried the old gray matter just isn’t performing the way it used to?

Well, you’re not alone ….. because ‘brain drain’ can affect us all.

But combining what we’ve learned from neuroscience research with what we already know about proven learning methods can lead to startling improvements in the way we use our heads.

This entertaining presentation will give that three-pound organ inside your head an adjustment you’ll never forget. It’s a memorable performance that demonstrates how learning to use your brain better will significantly enhance the way you think, learn and communicate. And it will have an immediate and powerful impact on just about everything you do – both personally and professionally!

This is a universal topic that’s a good fit with any event theme.



One of the best predictors of a person’s potential for success – especially in a fast-paced, challenging and constantly evolving workplace environment – is knowing how to learn. Developing strong learning skills clearly helps individuals to notably improve both their performance and productivity. This stimulating presentation illustrates how we can put smart learning strategies into practice at work.

Suitable event themes:  Change, Communication, Human Resources & Workplace Culture, Leadership, Performance & Productivity, Sales & Service, Teamwork & Collaboration


Change is a constant we deal with every day. And, let’s face it, it’s difficult these days to simply keep up. This engaging presentation explains that ongoing research informs us that our brains are ‘plastic’. Not made of plastic, of course, but plastic in the sense that they’re malleable and capable of adapting to new processes and acquiring new skills. So we can teach old brains new tricks!

Suitable event themes:  Change, Future Trends, Health & Wellness, Human Resources & Workplace Culture, Leadership, Performance & Productivity


A primary function of the human brain is to keep us safe, helping us consider potential dangers in order to make provision for situations that might put us at risk. This illuminating presentation shares principles that ensure strong learning and memory skills. It provides excellent tools for supervisors entrusted with training their employees as well as useful guidance for workers directly involved on the floor and in the field.

Suitable event themes:  Communication, Health & Wellness, Human Resources & Workplace Culture, Performance & Productivity, Teamwork & Collaboration


Some people are better at selling and marketing than others are. The most successful ones have a strong sense of how their customers’ brains work, and they capitalize on that understanding when presenting and sharing information. This fascinating session plumbs the pioneering world of neuromarketing to suggest simple techniques that improve ‘brainstick’ and make products and services distinctive and remarkable.

Suitable event themes:  Communication, Human Resources & Workplace Culture, Marketing & Branding, Performance & Productivity, Sales & Service


Educators and trainers are naturally interested in knowing how brains work. After all, it’s their job to instruct people – and knowing how brains operate surely makes that task much easier! This compelling presentation emphasizes that what neuroscientists tell us about brains harmonizes beautifully with proven strategies and techniques that will lead to successful learning outcomes.

Suitable event themes:  Education, Human Resources & Workplace Culture, Performance & Productivity


Recent research has uncovered a wealth of information that can help us take better care of our brains, keeping them healthy and active as we age. This enlightening presentation offers simple mental fitness strategies to incorporate into our daily routines to help us enjoy balanced and enriched lives. Happily, we now know that it’s totally possible to grow older and wiser!

Suitable event themes:  Health & Wellness, Human Resources & Workplace Culture, Mental Health


It’s impossible to not communicate, and how we use our brains has a tremendous influence on the way we speak, listen, read and write. Done well, information can travel effectively from one brain to another in powerful ways. This thought-provoking presentation highlights the strategies we can use to become great communicators who transmit and receive information with clarity and impact.

Suitable event themes: Communication, Human Resources & Workplace Culture, Leadership, Performance & Productivity, Teamwork & Collaboration


Most of us have been trained to be pretty strong left-brain thinkers. As a result, though, we often neglect to give the other – more creative – side of the brain a fair chance to engage in the way we use our heads. This intriguing presentation demonstrates that, when we get both sides of the brain working together as a team, originality and innovation will come much more naturally!

Suitable event themes:  Change, Human Resources & Workplace Culture, Innovation & Creativity, Leadership, Performance & Productivity, Teamwork & Collaboration